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Eddie Ray Routh: Everything You Need To Know

Eddie Ray Routh: a name that made headlines for the tragic shooting of Chris Kyle, an American hero and former Navy SEAL. But who is this man behind the horrific incident? What led him to commit such a heinous crime? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life and background of Eddie Ray Routh – from his biography to his legal history, and everything in between. Join us as we uncover the truth about one of America’s most notorious criminals.

Eddie Ray Routh biography

Eddie Ray Routh was born on April 10, 1988, in Lancaster, Texas, to a military family. Growing up as the son of a Marine veteran and grandson of two World War II veterans, he was no stranger to the realities of war. After completing high school, Routh joined the Marines himself in 2006.

However, his time in service was cut short due to several incidents that resulted in him receiving an other-than-honorable discharge from the military. This marked the beginning of Routh’s downward spiral into mental health issues and substance abuse.

By February 2013, Eddie Ray Routh had been diagnosed with PTSD and depression after seeking treatment at a VA hospital. A few weeks later, he fatally shot Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield at a shooting range near Glen Rose while they were trying to help him cope with his struggles.

Routh’s defense team argued that he was not guilty by reason of insanity due to his mental illness at the time of the crime. However, this plea was rejected by the court system who sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole for capital murder charges against Kyle and Littlefield.

Why did Routh shoot Kyle?

Eddie Ray Routh’s motive for shooting Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield remains unclear. Some reports suggest that the trio visited a gun range together, but on their return journey, Eddie pulled out his weapon and shot both men multiple times.

Some speculate that Routh may have been suffering from PTSD or some other mental illness at the time of the shooting. Others believe that drugs or alcohol may have played a role in his actions.

Regardless of what caused Routh to pull the trigger, there is no denying the devastating impact it had on those close to Kyle and Littlefield. The tragedy rocked not only their families but also the entire community of military service members and veterans who looked up to Kyle as a hero.

Despite speculation about his motives, one thing is clear: Eddie Ray Routh committed an unspeakable act of violence that will forever be remembered as a dark moment in American history.

What happened after the shooting

After the shooting, Eddie Ray Routh fled from the scene in Kyle’s truck. He was eventually caught by police when he arrived at his sister’s house, where he confessed to killing both Kyle and Littlefield.

The case gained national attention due to Kyle’s status as a highly decorated veteran and best-selling author. The trial began on February 11, 2015 with Routh pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

During the trial, it was revealed that Routh had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and PTSD prior to the shooting. However, prosecutors argued that he knew right from wrong at the time of the crime.

On February 24, 2015, Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of murdering Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The tragic events surrounding this case continue to stir up conversations about mental health awareness for veterans and gun control laws. It remains a controversial topic amongst many Americans today.

Why did Eddie Ray Routh have PTSD?

Eddie Ray Routh was diagnosed with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, following his service in Iraq. PTSD is a mental health condition that can occur after someone experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. It’s characterized by symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and intense anxiety.

During Routh’s time in the military, he served as a truck driver and convoy security member. He was stationed at Camp Fallujah in 2007 during some of the deadliest fighting of the Iraq War. According to reports, Routh witnessed multiple explosions and saw several of his fellow soldiers killed in action.

The trauma he experienced while serving likely contributed to the development of his PTSD. After returning home from Iraq, Routh struggled with adjusting back to civilian life and reportedly began self-medicating with alcohol and drugs.

It’s important to note that not everyone who serves in combat develops PTSD. However, exposure to war-related trauma is a known risk factor for developing the disorder.

In addition to seeking treatment for his PTSD following the murder trial, Routh also received counseling while incarcerated on unrelated charges prior to Kyle’s death. Despite this help though it wasn’t enough prevent him from committing such an awful crime against Kyle and Littlefield.

Routh’s legal history

Eddie Ray Routh’s legal history is a significant part of his story. Before the shooting, he had a history of minor offenses such as driving without a license and criminal trespassing. However, after killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield in 2013, he was charged with capital murder.

During his trial, Routh’s defense team argued that he suffered from PTSD and depression at the time of the shooting. They claimed that Routh was not responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

However, the prosecution argued that Routh knew right from wrong when he killed the two men. In February 2015, Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Although there were appeals filed on behalf of Eddie Ray Routh challenging aspects of his conviction, they have all been denied so far by Texas courts.

Despite his legal troubles being over for now, it is clear that Eddie Ray Routh will never be able to escape what happened on that fateful day in 2013.

What could happen to Eddie Ray Routh?

Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of capital murder in 2015 and is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Due to the severity of his crime, it is highly unlikely that he will ever be released from prison.

Routh’s legal team attempted to use an insanity defense during his trial, but it was ultimately unsuccessful. While Routh did have a history of mental illness and PTSD, the prosecution argued that he knew right from wrong when he killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield at a shooting range in Texas.

After being found guilty, Routh appealed his conviction but was denied by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 2018.

While there are no current plans for any further legal action or appeals on behalf of Eddie Ray Routh, anything could happen in the future. However, due to the nature of his crime and lengthy sentence, it is doubtful that there will be any major developments or changes to his current situation.

Is Eddie Ray Routh Still Alive

Eddie Ray Routh is still alive, currently serving a life sentence in a Texas prison without the possibility of parole. This comes after his conviction for the murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield on February 2nd, 2013.

Since his incarceration, there have been no reports of any incidents involving Routh within the prison system. He has not made any public statements about his crimes or expressed remorse for them.

Some individuals have speculated that Routh may suffer from mental illness which contributed to his actions on that fateful day. However, this has not been confirmed by any medical professionals or experts in the field.

Despite being behind bars, Eddie Ray Routh remains a controversial figure due to the high-profile nature of his crime and its impact on both Chris Kyle’s family and the veteran community as a whole.


Eddie Ray Routh’s story is a tragic one. A veteran who served his country and returned home with PTSD only to be failed by the system that was supposed to help him. His mental illness ultimately led him to commit a heinous act that took the lives of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

While some may argue that Routh deserves sympathy for his condition, it cannot excuse his actions. The justice system has spoken, and he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

This case raises important questions about how we treat veterans with mental health issues and underscores the need for better support systems for those struggling with PTSD.

The legacy of Chris Kyle continues to live on through the work of organizations like the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which provides support to military families and first responders dealing with similar challenges as Kyle did during his service.

As we remember these individuals whose lives were impacted by this tragedy, let us also take steps towards ensuring that no one else falls through the cracks in our mental health care system.

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