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How To Find Lake Of Nine Artifacts Location

Welcome to the mystical world of God of War, where you embark on a journey with Kratos and his son Atreus to explore the breathtaking Lake of Nine. The lake is not only known for its scenic beauty but also holds hidden treasures in the form of artifacts. These artifacts are scattered throughout the realms and collecting them could unlock some exciting rewards along with increasing your chances at defeating powerful enemies. Are you ready to discover how to find these valuable Lake Of Nine Artifacts? Follow this guide and become an expert treasure hunter!

The Map

The Map is an essential tool to find Lake Of Nine Artifacts effectively. It shows the locations where you can find these valuable treasures.

When you’re exploring the Lake of Nine, you’ll come across several towers that are scattered throughout each realm. You need to activate them by solving puzzles and defeating enemies, which will help reveal more parts of the map.

Each tower has a unique symbol associated with it, which matches up with symbols on your compass. These symbols guide you towards areas where artifacts could be hidden.

Once all towers have been activated in a particular region, head back to Brok or Sindri’s shop and buy their maps for that area. These maps show exact coordinates of artifact locations within that realm, making it easier for players to collect them all.

Make sure to use The Map wisely while exploring because some regions have specific gates that only unlock after completing certain objectives within the story mode!


The Lake of Nine is a vast open-world area in God of War, and finding all the artifacts scattered across it can prove to be quite challenging. One useful tool at your disposal for tracking down these artifacts is their coordinates.

Coordinates are numerical values that pinpoint a specific location on the map. They consist of two sets of numbers separated by a comma – one representing the X-axis (horizontal) and another representing the Y-axis (vertical).

To access coordinates, you need to first find out which artifact you want to locate. Once you’ve done that, go to your menu screen and select “Goals.” From there, choose “Artifacts” and then click on the desired item.

You will then see its name displayed alongside its corresponding coordinates at the top right corner of your screen. Make note of these numbers as they will guide you directly towards your objective.

By using coordinates effectively, players can avoid aimlessly wandering around Lake Of Nine’s various regions searching for an elusive artifact.


Collectibles are a significant aspect of the Lake of Nine artifacts that add an extra layer to the gaming experience. There are various types of collectibles scattered throughout different areas in the game, including Artifacts, Nornir Chests, and Valkyrie Helms.

Artifacts represent remnants from Norse mythology and provide insight into ancient tales. The Nornir Chests require puzzle-solving skills to unlock them fully, offering additional resources or upgrades upon completion. The Valkyrie Helms offer players a challenging battle against powerful enemies in exchange for unique rewards.

Each type of collectible has its own set of challenges and rewards that add to the excitement and satisfaction when collected. Players can also track their progress through each area using the map’s markers to ensure they don’t miss any hidden treasures.

Collecting these items is a rewarding experience that adds depth to God Of War’s storyline while providing valuable upgrades and equipment along the way.


Rewards are an essential part of any game, and Lake Of Nine Artifacts is no exception. Finding all the artifacts will reward you with some incredible items that will help you on your journey through Midgard.

One of the most significant rewards for completing this task is unlocking one of the nine realms in God Of War. This realm can only be accessed by finding all the artifacts scattered across Lake Of Nine.

In addition to unlocking a new realm, collecting all the artifacts also grants you access to some unique pieces of armor and enchantments that give Kratos additional abilities and stat boosts.

But perhaps the most exciting reward for obtaining all Lake Of Nine Artifacts is discovering more about Norse Mythology. Each artifact collected tells a story about Norse gods, creatures and legends adding depth to your overall understanding of Nordic folklore.

So if you’re looking for a challenge in God Of War or want to learn more about Norse mythology while being rewarded with powerful gear then collecting all Lake Of Nine Artifacts should be at the top of your list!


Finding the Lake of Nine artifacts is not only a fun side quest in God of War, but it also rewards players with valuable items and resources. By using the map and coordinates provided in this guide, you can easily locate all 12 artifacts scattered throughout the realm.

Remember to check each location carefully for hidden collectibles like Odin’s Ravens or Nornir Chests. These will provide additional rewards that are well worth your time.

By completing this task, you’ll not only gain access to powerful enchantments and abilities but also get a sense of accomplishment from exploring every corner of Midgard. So gear up and start your adventure today!

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