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Lake Of Nine Legendary Chest Wiki Guide

Welcome to the land of Norse mythology, where gods, monsters and legendary treasures meet. In this world lies a vast expanse of water known as the Lake of Nine Legendary Chest. This magical lake is home to nine legendary chests that hold powerful surprises within them. If you’re an avid gamer or simply enjoy exploring new worlds, then this guide is just for you! Join us as we dive deeper into the Lake of Nine and unlock its secrets one chest at a time.

Lake Of Nine Overview

The Lake of Nine is central to the world of God of War and serves as an expansive hub connecting various regions within the game. The lake itself is surrounded by numerous different areas, each with its own unique atmosphere and challenges. As you explore these areas, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies ranging from standard Draugr soldiers to giant trolls and dragons.

To traverse the lake’s waters, players must make use of Kratos’ canoe, which allows them to sail between different docks scattered around the shorelines. Each dock provides access to a specific region and contains helpful NPCs who offer quests or sell useful items.

At first glance, it may seem overwhelming due to its vast size and complexity; however, once familiarized with its layout, navigating through it becomes much more manageable.

In addition to serving as a hub for exploration throughout the game’s world in general, there are nine legendary chests hidden away in various locations across the Lake that contain valuable loot waiting for those brave enough to seek them out.

The Nine Legendary Chests

The Lake of Nine in God of War is a vast open world full of secrets and hidden treasures. Among these treasures are the nine legendary chests, each with their unique rewards. These chests hold some of the most potent upgrades for Kratos and Atreus, making them highly sought after by players.

To find all nine legendary chests in the game, players need to explore every corner of the Lake of Nine. Each chest requires specific steps to unlock, ranging from defeating challenging enemies to solving complex puzzles.

Some legendary chest locations are easily accessible from the start while others require particular progression through the story mode. However, finding all nine isn’t just about upgrading your characters but also uncovering more about Norse mythology that this game revolves around.

From enchantments that boost Kratos’ health and rage meters to armor sets designed specifically for Atreus – The nine legendary chests have something special for everyone willing to take on challenges throughout Midgard!

How to Find the Chests

To find the legendary chests scattered around Lake of Nine, you’ll need to explore each area thoroughly. Each chest is located in a specific location and can be found by solving puzzles or defeating powerful enemies.

One way to locate these chests is by using your boat to travel around the lake. Keep an eye out for distinct landmarks or structures that may indicate a possible chest location nearby.

Another method is to use Atreus’ abilities, such as his ability to read Norse runes on walls or rocks. These markings often reveal hidden paths or clues that lead directly to the legendary chests.

Additionally, listening carefully for Odin’s Ravens can also help you locate some of these treasures. When you hear their distinctive cawing sound, look up and try to spot them perched somewhere closeby – they usually guard valuable loot!

Finding all nine of the legendary chests requires patience and careful exploration. But with persistence and attention-to-detail, you’re sure to uncover some truly epic rewards!

What’s Inside the Chests?

The Lake of Nine Legendary Chest hold some of the most valuable and powerful items in God Of War. Each chest is unique and contains a different item, ranging from enchantments to materials that are necessary for upgrading Kratos’ weapons.

One of the chests holds an enchantment that boosts Kratos’ runic attacks, making them more potent in combat. Another chest contains rare resources like Hacksilver or Aegir’s Gold which can be used to upgrade your gear at Brok’s or Sindri’s shops.

Additionally, there are several chests containing pieces of armor sets with special abilities that complement Kratos’ playstyle. These pieces include gauntlets, waistguards and even full armor sets – each providing its own unique benefits.

Some legendary chests contain crafting materials required for upgrading Atreus’ arrows or talismans that allow him to perform specific abilities such as slowing down time during battles.

In short, opening these Legendary Chests will grant you access to invaluable items crucial for progress in God Of War!


The Lake of Nine Legendary Chest are an essential part of God Of War gameplay. They offer exclusive gear and materials that help to boost Kratos’ abilities on his journey. However, finding them can be quite challenging without proper guidance.

This is why we have provided you with this comprehensive guide that shows the locations of each chest and what you can expect to find inside. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate through each area with ease and unlock all the chests in no time.

Remember, exploring every corner of the vast world is a crucial aspect of God Of War’s adventure. So take your time, enjoy the scenery, battle ferocious enemies along the way – but never forget about those Legendary Chests!

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