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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked

Ahoy there, mateys! Are you ready to set sail on another thrilling adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew? If so, then hoist the Jolly Roger and join us as we explore “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked“. This swashbuckling tale is sure to shiver your timbers and keep you on the edge of your seat. So batten down the hatches, grab a bottle of rum, and let’s dive into this exciting addition to the Pirates franchise!

What is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked?

“Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked” is a short film that was released in 2011 as part of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Directed by James Ward Byrkit, the film tells an untold story from Captain Jack Sparrow’s past.

The title “Wedlocked” refers to the main plotline of the film, which revolves around Jack being forced into an arranged marriage with a mysterious woman named Scarlett. But as we all know, things never go according to plan for our beloved pirate captain.

Set against the backdrop of Tortuga, this short adventure packs quite a punch despite its brief runtime. It features all the classic elements that we’ve come to love from the Pirates franchise – swashbuckling sword fights, witty banter between characters and unexpected twists at every turn.

Overall, “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked” is a must-watch for any fan of Pirates or anyone who loves action-packed adventures on the high seas!

The plot of the film

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked is a short film that chronicles another adventure in the life of Captain Jack Sparrow. The story takes place after the events of At World’s End, where Jack finds himself once again in trouble with an old flame named Scarlett.

Scarlett forces Jack to marry her so that she can gain control over a valuable piece of treasure. However, things get complicated when her father and his crew arrive to steal both the treasure and Scarlett herself.

As they try to escape from their pursuers, Jack and Scarlett must navigate through treacherous waters and face off against dangerous foes. Along the way, they encounter old acquaintances such as Gibbs and Joshamee, who help them on their mission.

The plot is filled with action-packed sequences and witty banter between characters that keeps viewers engaged throughout its runtime. It’s an entertaining addition to the Pirates franchise that fans are sure to enjoy watching time and again.

The cast of the film

The cast of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked brings together some familiar faces and some new talents. Playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow is none other than Ricky Gervais, best known for his comedic performances in The Office and Extras.

Joining him on this adventure is Vanessa Hudgens who plays the fierce pirate Redd, while Kaya Scodelario takes on the role of Carina Smyth, a young astronomer searching for answers about her past.

Other notable actors in the film include David Harbour as Admiral James Norrington and Bill Nighy as Davy Jones. Their performances add depth and complexity to an already talented ensemble cast.

Together, these actors bring their unique personalities to create a memorable experience that will keep you entertained throughout the film. Each actor delivers their lines with impeccable timing and adds just enough humor to make it work perfectly.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked boasts an impressive lineup of talent that showcases their acting chops while staying true to the spirit of adventure that made its predecessors so popular.

What critics are saying about the film

Critics have expressed mixed opinions about “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked.” Some praised the film for its captivating storyline and impressive cinematography, while others found it lackluster compared to previous installments.

Many critics appreciated the chemistry between the characters of Jack Sparrow and Scarlett, played by Johnny Depp and Mackenzie Crook respectively. They also lauded the attention paid to detail in creating a realistic pirate world.

However, some reviewers felt that the plot lacked originality and was predictable at times. They also criticized certain aspects of character development as being shallow or underdeveloped.

While there were varying opinions on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked,” most agreed that it is an entertaining addition to the franchise with moments of humor and excitement.

Where to watch the film

For those who are eager to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked, there are a few options available. Firstly, the film is not available on any major streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, it can be rented or purchased from various online retailers such as Google Play, YouTube and iTunes.

If you prefer physical copies of movies, then you can also purchase the DVD or Blu-ray version from popular stores like Walmart and Best Buy. It’s worth noting that the availability of this movie may differ depending on your location.

Another option is to check if your local cinema is screening the film. Although released in 2011 as part of a series of short films called ‘Tales of the Code’, some independent theaters may still show it periodically as part of special screenings.

While accessing this particular movie may take some effort on your part, fans will undoubtedly find satisfaction in watching their favorite pirates embark on another adventure through unconventional means.


To sum it up, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked is a unique addition to the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It offers a new perspective on pirates and their lives beyond just swashbuckling adventures.

The film is well-crafted with an engaging plot, talented cast, and stunning visuals. Despite only being a short film, it manages to capture the essence of what makes the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise so enjoyable.

If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting in this classic series, then give Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked a watch. You can find it available online for rent or purchase on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

So set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow once again in this thrilling adventure that will leave you longing for more tales from the high seas!

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