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Screenwriter Starlet Joke In Mr.Harrigan’s Phone

Are you a fan of horror stories? If so, then “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” by Stephen King might be on your reading list. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into this literary gem and explore what the Screenwriter Starlet Joke in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone means for the story as a whole and its impact on readers’ reactions. So buckle up and get ready to learn all about one of Stephen King’s most intriguing works!

Screenwriter Joke in Mr.

Harrigan’s Phone

The Screenwriter Starlet Joke in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a clever reference to the classic Hollywood trope of casting couches, where aspiring actresses are expected to sleep with directors or producers in exchange for roles. The joke is that even in death, Mr. Harrigan couldn’t resist taking advantage of the young and beautiful screenwriter who comes to him seeking help.

This joke adds an extra layer of creepiness and discomfort to an already eerie story, as it highlights how power dynamics can pervade every aspect of life – even death! It also speaks to larger issues within the entertainment industry regarding exploitation and abuse.

However, some readers might find this joke distasteful or unnecessary in the context of the story. Others might argue that it’s a necessary commentary on societal norms and expectations surrounding gender and sexuality.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion on the matter, there’s no denying that Stephen King has once again woven together complex themes into a short but impactful narrative – leaving readers both entertained and thoughtful long after they finish reading.

Reaction to Screenwriter Joke in Mr.

Harrigan’s Phone

The Screenwriter Starlet Joke in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone has garnered quite a reaction from readers all over the world, and for good reason. This joke reveals the dark side of Hollywood where creative professionals are often taken advantage of.

Many people have commented on how funny they found the joke, but others have expressed their concern about the harsh reality it portrays. The screenwriter who is constantly asked to provide free work before getting a job offer resonates with many individuals working in creative industries.

Some readers also appreciate how Stephen King used this joke as a plot device to show that even though our loved ones may pass away, they can still communicate with us through technology.

The Screenwriter Starlet Joke showcases Stephen King’s writing prowess by highlighting real-world struggles in an engaging and humorous way. It serves as a reminder that we should always be aware of exploitation wherever we go and fight against it whenever possible.

What screenwriter means?

Screenwriters are the creative minds behind the stories that we see on our screens. They write scripts for movies, television shows, and even video games. Their job is to create compelling characters, engaging plot lines, and believable dialogue that will capture the attention of audiences around the world.

To be a successful screenwriter, one must possess a unique set of skills. It requires creativity to develop original ideas and an understanding of storytelling principles to craft cohesive narratives. Screenwriters also need to have excellent communication skills as they work closely with directors and producers during production.

Screenwriting can be a challenging profession as it often involves facing rejections from studios or networks before getting their big break. However, those who persevere may find success in creating award-winning films or popular TV shows.

In summary, screenwriting is not just about writing words on paper but bringing stories to life through vivid descriptions that capture an audience’s imagination. It takes skill, perseverance and dedication to succeed in this industry but can lead to rewarding careers for those passionate about storytelling.

What happens at the end of Harrigan’s phone?

At the end of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” a short story by Stephen King, Craig, the protagonist, hears a message from Mr. Harrigan’s phone that was recorded after his death. In this message, Mr. Harrigan thanks Craig for being his friend and informs him about how he has been watching over him even in death.

The ending of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” leaves readers with a sense of unease and wonder at what may lie beyond our mortal existence. It also highlights the power of technology to connect us across time and space in unexpected ways.

What does Mr. Harrington’s texts mean?

In Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, the texts from Mr. Harrington to Craig, his late friend’s nephew, are cryptic and confusing at first glance. However, upon closer examination, they reveal a deeper meaning that sheds light on the central theme of the story – the power of human connection beyond death.

Mr. Harrington’s initial messages to Craig seem like meaningless ramblings about everyday life; he asks about Craig’s job and even sends him an article about vitamins. But as you read further into their conversation, it becomes clear that Mr. Harrington is struggling with loneliness and isolation after losing his dear friend Gilly.

Through their text exchanges, we see how much Mr. Harrington misses Gilly – he talks about visiting her grave regularly and even dreams of her coming back to life just for one more conversation with him.


Harrington’s texts serve as a poignant reminder that no matter how advanced our methods of communication become in this digital age, human connection remains fundamental to our wellbeing – both in life and beyond it.

Who wrote Mr Harrigan’s phone?

The intriguing short story “Mr Harrigan’s Phone” is written by none other than the master of horror, Stephen King. Known for his spine-tingling tales that leave readers on edge, King has yet again delivered a gripping narrative that keeps the audience hooked until the very end.

King is a prolific writer with over 60 published novels and countless short stories to his name. He has won numerous prestigious awards for his work, including multiple Bram Stoker Awards and British Fantasy Society Awards.

While Mr Harrigan’s Phone may not be as lengthy as some of King’s other works, it still packs a powerful punch with its eerie themes and unexpected twists. The story showcases King’s ability to take everyday scenarios and turn them into something sinister.

As one of America’s best-selling authors, it comes as no surprise that Stephen King continues to captivate audiences with his writing prowess. With Mr Harrigan’s Phone being just one example of his exceptional talent in storytelling, we can only wait in anticipation for what he will deliver next.


The screenwriter starlet joke in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a clever and intriguing element in Stephen King’s short story. It not only adds humor to the otherwise eerie narrative but also sheds light on the struggles that aspiring writers face in Hollywood. The reaction of Craig Gellis to the joke shows how it resonates with many people who dream of making it big as screenwriters.

Moreover, the ending of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone leaves readers with a sense of hope and closure as they realize that even after death, one can still communicate through technology. This gives a sense of comfort to those who have lost loved ones and reminds us that their memory lives on.

Its unique blend of technology, ghosts, and human emotions makes it stand out among other works by Stephen King. We highly recommend this story to anyone looking for an entertaining yet thought-provoking read!

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